Hi! I’m Manuel. I’m 27 years old and there’s nothing I do better than get the job done right. I’m a Swiss national who fell in love with the Philippines and haven’t left since. I live in the heart of Taguig City, specializing in Web Design and Influencer Marketing. I’m a guy who loves a good challenge. I work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. I do what I love and I love what I do. I’m a co-founder of Philihappy, a website my partner and I built from the ground up. I’m also obsessed with all things Red Bull and Coke.

I left home back in Switzerland when I was 18. Moving out to do your own thing is pretty common over there. I did web designing to finance rent. I was good at it, and I loved the projects I was taking on. People started to notice and increasingly got in touch with me for a lot of work.

The one thing you have to know is that when you decide to mix business with friendship, be selective on who to work with! I learned that the hard way. I had a friend who convinced me he had a good business idea. Long story short, we no longer saw eye-to-eye, and our $20,000 investment plan was heading to a direction I didn’t want to be a part of anymore. Yikes.

So I left. I went back to 0 and went back to freelancing. Eventually, I got another really sweet deal: I become the Online Marketing Manager for one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Switzerland. I guess you could say I’m a pretty lucky guy. Everything seemed perfect, and looking back, I know it was. But something was missing. I’ve always been someone who was very adventurous.

“It’s better to hustle 24/7
than to slave 9 to 5.”

I can see myself work almost anywhere, in fact, I enjoy working in remote places. I’m flexible that way. I was never the type of person to have a 9-to-5 job and work for someone else. Eventually, I got tired of the routine and wanted something different. I packed my bags and decided to head to the Philippines for a vacation.

The Philippines….man, let me tell you. It was like love at first sight! Couldn’t leave this place after that. This was around November of 2015. Because I was so interested in the idea of traveling around Asia and working while traveling, the inspiration for mrdigitalnomad came pretty easily.

So yeah, fast forward to today: After growing Philihappy from 0 to 270,000 Facebook fans and over 10,000 Instagram followers in just under a year, everything is slowly falling into place. I’m always busy with projects and requests from abroad. My expertise in online marketing is something I’m very proud of. Because I’m so passionate about it, I realized that growing my own brand isn’t only just for me, but for anyone who wants to learn. I want to grow my own brand to show everyone how it works, and the way I go about growing mine is the best example I can give.

For all your blogger needs and anything else you might need, check out my very own website: mrdigitalnomad. My website is here to help and inspire anyone who’s interested to make a mark online. I have always been someone to follow my goals, so you can be confident in trusting me with yours. Sound good to you?

Connect with me! For collaborations, partnerships, and services: hi@mrd.philidesign.com
For any questions you may have (they’re more than welcome!): question@mrd.philidesign.com

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